Coach Fifteen Classes Per Week in a New City


A City Coach is a super-fun and super-professional TKS coach who takes the current 80-school The Knight School model that thrives here in Birmingham and valiantly battles to transfer it to a brand new city, just as we have already done in Huntsville, Tuscaloosa, Jacksonville, Cleveland, Austin, Dallas, and Georgetown. The idea behind the City Coach position is that TKS will financially and logistically sponsor a select group of coaches as they launch TKS in a brand-new, major metropolitan area in the USA.


The City Coach will earn an annual salary of $36,000 in exchange for moving to a new city and getting to work building up a thriving TKS sister network. All year long the City Coaches will work with the TKS America home office to contact, promo, establish, teach, and build up their chess classes.




  • City Coaches will earn $36,000 per year from August 1st to July 31st, paid twice per month.
  • City Coaches will only work 30 hours per week, which will offer ten free hours to schedule as the City Coach chooses.
  • City Coaches will enjoy eight full weeks of paid vacation during the year: one at Spring Break, one at Thanksgiving, three at Christmas, two during June, and one at the beginning of August.
  • City Coaches who have successfully grown their city to the point that there are 100 enrolled students by March 1 will be eligible to pursue a cost-free The Knight School city license: they will be awarded their city for free for five years, ultimately earning 90% of all gross tuitions. Individuals who meet this benchmark and earn the opportunity to receive this cost-free city license could radically increase their income, depending on growth rates. In Birmingham, we operate 80 schools each week and employ 15 school coaches, this past fall reaching the milestone of 1,000 students taught each week. These results took five years, but we enjoyed steady growth each of those years, while enjoying a flexible schedule and "being our own boss," both of which can be difficult to achieve in other professions.


TKS City Coaches MUST Demonstrate the Following Skills and Abilities:


  • Availability from August through July in a new city, decided upon by mutual agreement between Dr. Brooks and the selected City Coaches.
  • Ability to work independently as a contractor, truly taking on the mantle of "small business owner" while working in a structured format.
  • Great, warm rapport with a classroom of very smart children.
  • Decorum to dress and act professionally, matching the appearance and actions of the teachers in their host schools.
  • Charisma to develop an excellent professional rapport with host schools, chess families, and chess students.
  • Demonstrated ability to grow each chess class, and demonstrated ability to acquire new locations as we expand.
  • Character and trustworthiness that will allow Coach to (a) pass all background checks required by TKS and/or the host school systems and (b) maintain the trust and confidence of all host schools and learning centers.
  • Reliability to report to every school in a prompt manner so that all classes begin on time.



To Apply: Applications for TKS City Coach are accepted throughout the academic year. To apply, click here.

Pay: $36,000 per year with Eight Weeks Paid Vacation



The Knight School City Coach


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