The Knight School is the virally-popular children’s chess academy that brings chess each week to dozens and dozens of elementary schools, as well as to forty early learning centers each week! From here in Birmingham, Head Coach David Brooks, Ph.D., coordinates a team of fifteen chess coaches who teach over a thousand students each week! Our numbers are so enormous because we have developed the perfect recipe for a thrilling, high-energy, party-style chess class for kids.


Now The Knight School is ready to take our proven model and to expand to other cities in the USA! We are very selective, but if you are selected, a career as a The Knight School owner in another city carries with it the exciting potential to be breathtakingly lucrative in a financial sense, deeply personally rewarding considering how much good we do for our students as chess coaches, and at the same time spiritually liberating considering you are your own boss and your business grows based exactly on how hard you grow it. Dallas, Austin, Jacksonville, Philadelphia, Cleveland and Washington D.C. have already been established by coaches who trained first here in Birmingham, and now all the other cities in the USA await our revolutionary approach to the perfect chess class and the perfect career for a select group of professional, high-energy, responsible graduates.


No chess ability is required because we teach you all the chess you will need in one intensive week at one of our summer chess camps. The qualities you need to possess in order to be invited into The Knight School family of city coaches are dependability, a natural ability with a classroom of smart kids, a high level of professionalism, and a strong drive to make the world a better place, one chess student at a time. Those selected may launch TKS in another city immediately or may opt to spend one year here in Birmingham working as a Birmingham coach, getting trained, and discerning whether a move to another metropolis to establish a TKS location is a good fit for them.


We have perfected chess in Birmingham and we are now ready to partner with excited and professional people who share our mission to instill academic confidence, problem-solving, deep creativity, and critical thinking into a whole new population of America’s kids.

The Knight School is Now Ready to Expand and We Want You!

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If you are interested, Dr. Brooks would love to talk with you. He can be reached at (205) 332-5233 or dbrooksphd@theknightschool.com or through our website www.theknightschool.com.



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