TKS Business Owner Opportunity

TKS Business Owner opportunities are available. If you are interested in taking The Knight School's revolutionary chess-party teaching methodology into a new region of America and would like to run your own business, we would like to talk to you. We are excited about the possibility of sharing the opportunities we have created for our own family through The Knight School, including the abilities to be in charge of your own professional destiny, to develop a work-life balance, to have a fulfilling career where you influence the development of young minds, and to possibly even offer employment to others in your community.  If you love kids, are highly responsible and ethical, and are a business-minded entrepreneur ready to give yourself personal freedom, we would love to tell you more about the opportunities at The Knight School!


Our revolutionary, kid-oriented chess approach is compelling for children, regardless of what part of the country they live in, and the scalability of our approach was confirmed when TKS Huntsville, TKS Tuscaloosa, TKS Jacksonville, TKS Cleveland, TKS Dallas, and TKS Austin met with success as they became established. Of course, as with any business ventures, there are risks in running your own business and the success of any license will depend on the efforts of its licensees. But TKS Birmingham has grown in enrollment each year, this year serving over 800 enthusiastic chess students and counting.


The Knight School licensing model, like everything else in The Knight School, is revolutionary, counter-intuitive, and highly effective. Dr. Brooks looks forward to providing career opportunities to his licensees so that their families might over the years enjoy the same gratifying moments and independent lifestyle that TKS Birmingham has afforded his family. TKS Birmingham is taken, and Dr. Brooks will serve as licensee of this epicenter of, and training center for, TKS America. Many other major American metropolitan areas, however, from TKS Cincinnati to TKS Phoenix, are available on a first-come, first served basis at this early point.  Note that this is not the offer to be a licensee, but just an invitation to get to know us and see if you would be a good candidate; a licensee offer will only be made through the License Disclosure Document.


Dr. Brooks will be highly selective as to whom he will grant licenses and where those will operate.


If you would like to view the specifics of initiating your own chess network in another city, you may click below.


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