“My 8 year old loves the Knight school! He started in preschool when he was only 4. I sent him because it was convenient and because I've always loved playing chess, but no one in my family ever did. I figured if I can get my son to like chess I have a lifelong playing companion. After one semester he never said anything about it and I figured he probably doesn't like it that much, so I didn't re-enroll him. Mistake! He came home upset and told me "why didn't I go to chess today!?" So I re-enrolled him and he's been going ever since. Back then it was all fun and games like "Chess master says..." which definitely helped to make him like chess. Now he's 8 and it's still fun - they have an ongoing jokes competition so he is always asking me for jokes to tell - but it's also serious business. He gives me serious trouble at the chessboard, and he just won a city-wide tournament - his first ever!” - Mattia Landoni, TKS Dad


“My son started The Knight School when he was in kindergarten, a quiet and not very confident little guy. TKS has helped him build confidence, sportsmanship, and strategies that he uses is his everyday life. Whether it is in school, in soccer, or even in his everyday choices, he uses those skills he learned from chess.  The Knight School was a great decision that will continue to pay off for the rest of his life! The Knight School is more than chess, it’s a friend-maker, confidence-booster, brain-booster and more!!!! ❤️❤️❤️ We love TKS!”  - Liz Bolt, TKS Mom


“We are huge fans of our son learning chess with The Knight School and our family treats it as an investment! We literally can see Luke being `a few moves ahead’ of others in sports and the classroom in regards to his awareness and anticipation of challenges.” - Gary Jackson, TKS Dad


“Our son joined Dr. Brooks’ Knight School in first grade and has been an active participant in the program for 6 years.  As parents, we both are so very thankful that The Knight School offers children and preteens a safe environment to engage and develop their critical reasoning skills. Best of all, it is done in a fun and constructive way. In addition to teaching great sportsmanship, our son enjoys the genuine camaraderie that exists between the coaches and their players. We highly recommend The Knight School for any parent who is seeking to find a highly-structured yet relaxed atmosphere to build their child’s self-confidence and problem solving skills.”  - Karen and Mac Miller, TKS Parents


“My son adores learning chess in The Knight School. He has gained confidence, met like-minded friends, and found an activity that he truly loves.” - Kim Blackenburg, TKS Mom


“The Knight School has not only taught my son to be a good chess player at a young age, but it has also taught him many other life skills that I see him applying outside of chess.” - Jeff Sokol, TKS Dad


“Our son is in his ninth year in The Knight School because the approach is so fun in The Knight School! TKS is also a great way for kids to learn to think ahead and problem solve!” - Linda Pierre, TKS Mom




Parent Testimonials


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