The Knight School Varsity Chess Team is a super-advanced chess and pizza party that meets once per week from 4:45-7:00! These classes are only for those kids enrolled The Knight School Chess Party or Pink Genius Chess Teams at their school who stand out as one of the best on their teams! We are The Knight School competition team for our city, and enrollment in this class means you will be automatically be attending the State Chess Championship with us. This all-star team meets at 4:45 and begins each week with a deep analysis of a grandmaster chess game. We then break into a Mardi-Gras bead tourney that always finishes by the end of the class! We break at 6:00 for pizza and some chess cartoon movies! These kids are the State Championship Chess Team and all clocks are set at a longer time: 30 minutes each. Laughter, longer-clocks, and compelling teaching approaches make this class the week's highlight for the kids who make up an awesome advanced component of the network of The Knight School's 25 school chess teams. Our curriculum is awesomely effective and the kids get devastatingly good at chess; we are the current back-to-back-to-back State Champions in the Primary Division (K-3rd grade), and our group has won many, many State Championships. The Varsity is basically dinner and a very intellectual show! The $50 per month Varsity tuition includes, on a typical month, four dinners of pizza and Capri Suns, nine hours of chess instruction, four grandmaster analysis lessons, payment of all USCF, State, admission, and team chess fees for the State Championship, and a compelling chess experience with the best chess players in our city.


Contact your City Coach to sign up today. The Varsity is an idyllic and intellectual chess experience that will complete the perfect childhood.


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