The Knight School will meet every day of the school year in which your school is in session. Little Geniuses Preschool Chess Classes are always 45 minutes long, Chess Nuts Kindergarten Chess Classes are always 60 minutes long, and The Knight School Elementary Chess classes are always 75 minutes long. If your school dismisses due to school events, teacher conferences, or inclement weather, then The Knight School will not hold classes on that day. The rule is simple: The Knight School follows the lead of its host location, so early dismissal of a school, or all-day dismissal, will mean no chess will be held that day. If your school does not allow class to meet on a given day, any enrolled student may make up this missed day at any other Knight School location. Just contact your City Coach first so we can direct you when you get to campus and put your child down as a visitor on the class rolls--updated in real time--that our coaches view on their Smart Phones. The Knight School will not meet at all during any of the five days of Thanksgiving Week or Spring Break Week. The chess year begins with your school's academic year.


At the end of each semester all The Knight School classes in the entire city will convene for our "Tournaparty," which is a combination chess party, throw-down, and end-of-the-semester celebration held around the third Saturday in December and also around the third Saturday in May. These super-fun, highly-anticipated events are where all the kids in The Knight School meet each other and the cost is included in your tuition. Festivities at Tournaparties include "JunkFood Mountain" as well of lots of fun Mardi Gras bead-based competition and much more!


The above curriculum indicates exactly which chess tactics we will be covering on a given week. These tactics are presented in increasing order of difficulty, so the darker the wristband earned by your genius, the more difficult is the tactic and the more prestigious is the acquisition! All students should wear all their earned wristbands to every class, as well as their chess shirt and of course they should bring their own personal USCF chess bag that is issued to them on day one, all included in the tuition.

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