In The Knight School, as classroom managers we understand that rotating a seemingly infinite series of amazingly compelling chess activities is the secret to keeping kids' interest long-term. Without their sustained dedication to chess class, the tactical lessons cannot fully take hold, since these take some weeks to set in. That is why each week we demonstrate a "Toast Game," which is a very fast chess game with Coach only having one minute so the kids can model this flawless, blunder-free chess play.


In older classes we play "Chess Ninja," a winking game where one child is the "Ninja" and the rest try to identify who he or she is for candy prizes; and once the Ninja winks at you, you die a big, dramatic death, which makes our tournaments overlaid with an on-going murder mystery that the kids go crazy over.


Younger classes skip this and instead have a puppet show with Knighty-Knight and Kingy in a very funny, very cool chess puppet show. "ChessMaster Says," which is "Simon Says" done at 127 thousand miles per hour-- is another a favorite.


CrazyChase is real human chess in which the kids have to move like the piece they represent and they all work together to "Checkmate Coach" which is a poignantly-effective teaching too for internalizing how a checkmate is engineered.


"Fritzy" is our hilarious, back-talking chess engine whom we as a class play from time to time, projected up on the big-screen Jumbotron that characterize our scores of classes each week.


There are many more compelling chess activities, all kid-centered, and all designed specifically to make kids love coming back to chess until that epiphany hits and they have their irreversible chess breakthroughs.


Classroom Games


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