The Knight School emails a newsletter, The Knightly News, each month to keep all families up to date on our happenings. Here is a sample from The Knight School Birmingham from August 2014:



Hi Chess Families--

The Knight School is set to kick off the best year ever! People say that, but on top of our already-perfected, kid-centered approach to party-based chess, check out the top five new and exciting Fun New Things for this fall and decide for yourself!


Fun New Thing #5) High-octane customer service! Dr. Brooks' wife of 22 years Donna Brooks, a partner in a downtown firm, had up until last year been a named Birmingham "Super-lawyer." However, last year with one sly wink Dr. Brooks convinced Donna to trade in her pumps for fuzzy slippers and to spend the day as TKS operations manager with chess dogs Check and Mate. Since that point, customer service has achieved smooth perfection and all the logistics are now effortless. Overqualified much? Try out our five-star customer service! Just Click here to instantly enroll in The Knight School Elementary (Kids 5-14), or Just Click here to enroll in TKS PLUS The Varsity (Advanced Thursday Night 4:45-7:00 Pizza Party and State Championship Prep Class),  or Just Click here to enroll in Chess Nuts (Kindergarten-only chess), or Just Click here to enroll in Little Geniuses (Preschool Chess for kids 3-6).



Fun New Thing #4) Now we have 82 Alabama locations you can visit! Better get started! There are now 82 schools in the Alabama Knight School network of chess classes (and 27 in Texas), almost all of which welcome people to come and visit and practice with them as a free benefit of membership in the Knight School. Some go five days per week. Now that’s scheduling flexibility!



Fun New Thing #3) Dr. Brooks is back in high school! The Knight School next week begins as chess coach of John Carroll High School & Vestavia High School, reuniting many of the original TKS kids--the old guard--just in time to enhance college applications! The Knight School originated as a high-school program and has now come full-circle.


Fun New Thing #2) The Varsity will be even bigger this year! Although we already dominate the event in terms of both sheer numbers and trophy wins, The Knight School will be bringing even more kids to the Alabama State Scholastic Chess Championship this year in April, and you are invited to sign up for The Varsity, which is the Thursday-night 60-kid chess party taught each week by Dr. Brooks. The Varsity is basically our State Championship training squad and is also a raging Mardi Gras bead chess tourney and kid party with dozens of the smartest maybe-valedictorians, honors students, future leaders, and great kids in Birmingham. The spirit at this class is exactly what Dr. Brooks envisioned when he launched The Knight School six years ago, and you are invited to ratchet up your chess involvement and come to this supplemental class Thursdays 4:45-7:00 at the Vestavia Civic Center. Admission in The Varsity requires enrollment in your school's The Knight School Program. To enroll in both The Knight School and The Varsity simultaneously, just click here.




Fun New Thing #1) I lied: we have many more than five Fun New Things! For example:

*The Knight School will begin classes in our first during-school Birmingham City school next week, Booker T. Washington Elementary, bringing chess to 40 kids in one mega-class!

*The Knight School will continue pro bono with year three of the during-school program at Irondale Community School, moving this year from 40 to 60 kids per class visit!

*The Knight School launches in many new Over-the-Mountain schools next week, including Shades Mountain Baptist LG, Shades Crest Baptist LG, Creative Montessori TKS and Greystone Elementary TKS!

*The Knight School will launch next week in Oxford Mississippi (Coach Emma), Boulder Colorado (Coach Zander), and Fort Worth Texas (Coach Scott). Dallas (Coach Ed) and Austin (Coach de Laurence) are fully established now and each have over ten locations! Auburn (Coach Simon & Coach Lee) and Tuscaloosa (Coach Carson & Coach Loui) and Huntsville (Coach Ben & Coach AJ) look very strong too!

*The Knight School has put in place an amazing chess coach, Coach Thad May, in The Alabama Black Belt and is pursuing a grant to launch in ten schools from Selma to Greensboro.

*The Knight School Down Syndrome Chess Camp (CHECKmates), led by Coach Olivia Brooks and pictured above, doubled last summer's enrollment and was a huge success. Yay kids!

*The Knight School enrollment continues to grow, and all the new faces this fall will mean funner and funner classes and tourneys for all the kids! Please consider forwarding this Knightly News to a friend or two and inviting them to join us this year! If they enroll, e-mail us for the referral discount and you will get a free month's tuition plus a whole lot of chess fun with friends.


We are looking forward to a great new year! Just reply or call Dr. Brooks at 205.332.5233 if you have any general or curricular questions, or call Donna at (205) 746-4953 if you have any billing questions.


Happy Playing!




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