We would love to invite your school to join our amazing network of chess teams that we call The Knight School! We are the perfect recipe of fun and devastation, and we have been State Scholastic Chess Champions many, many times. We would love to be your chess coaches and to grow you a formidable chess team that over time will become an important academic cornerstone of your school.


We would love to come once per week to your school, as we do in each of our schools, and generate a strong and vibrant chess team for you. We provide everything--projection equipment, computer,  and speakers, chess clocks, personal USCF Chess Boards and pieces and tote bags for all the kids, hundreds of colorful silicone wristbands for our tactics-mastery-system, Mardi Gras beads for our awesome daily chess tourneys, and prizes for our chess puzzlers--and of course we take care of all logistical details and provide a polished, professional experience that keeps all my principals very happy with me! Our secret is our amazingly kid-focused approach, a curriculum that rewards kids with specific-colored silicone wristbands for each new tactic learned, and a great friendly spirit that keeps kids coming back for years, getting better and better at chess every week. Kids try to collect all the silicone wristbands in our chess-tactics-mastery system, which requires learning 22 tactics! This revolutionary curriculum results in a profoundly intellectual, chess-focused class that is also intensely thrilling for all my kids!


We can come to your school and do a no-obligation sample class at any time, or with just a yes from your principal right now, we will launch a no-obligation pilot semester this for this fall. We would love to build a vibrant chess team for you!


Just contact David Brooks to set up a discussion about this exciting possibility. Looking forward to imitating a great chess program!

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