The Knight School SchoolMates Program is dedicated to bringing the enormous benefits and joys of chess to all the children of America, regardless of income, by matching financial donors with their own dedicated The Knight School City Coach in their city. The SchoolMates Program takes a class of twenty-five lower-income kids—who are selected by their school’s administration—on a nine-month, one-hour per week super-fun chess experience that ends with the kids loving chess, gaining self-confidence, identifying themselves as a smart person, increasing creativity, and exercising critical thinking and problem-solving on a routine basis that absolutely delights these kids. When a generous donor makes the decision to donate one $9000 gift, known as a “SchoolMates Grant,” this allows their The Knight School City Coach to then partner with one area lower-income school to provide nine months of weekly, one-hour chess education by means of the trademarked The Knight School curriculum. Each SchoolMates Grant will mean that 25 or more kids from lower-income families can fully engage in The Knight School method of high-energy, kid-focused chess, just as each week our affluent kids experience The Knight School afterschool chess experience across the USA. Participants in classes who are awarded a TKS SchoolMates Grant will enjoy exactly what the affluent kids love so much: The Knight School’s developmentally-targeted recipe of daily mardi-gras bead chess tournaments, colorful tactixbands issued for mastery of each new chess tactic, fun teaching videos, a school chess team shirt, candy prizes, zany gags and activities, and all the other exciting aspects of our crazy, wonderful recipe for the perfect, infectious chess class.


Contact Your City Coach in order to request us at your school, or in order to join the amazing team of donors whose generosity is bringing the benefits and joys of chess to the kids of America, regardless of income.




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