With the upcoming academic school year being in almost every way unclear, you and your child can rely on the stability and predictability of our un-cancelable, delightful weekly class!


After months of work, The Knight School has developed a souped-up, breakneck-paced Zoom experience that finally offers a truly thrilling and compelling one-hour chess team experience, enjoyed from the safety of your own home. AND if schools do indeed reopen, we are able to CONVERT at any point into an in-person Chess Team without missing a beat. With this new setup, we’ll be able to switch back and forth seamlessly between online and in-person, or remain fully one or the other. Families also have the option to enjoy the entire program online if they prefer. From August-May, our 19-kid “Strategy Squad!” friend-unit will collaborate, laugh, critically-think, bond, and perfect their chess games, and maybe even their childhoods. Strategy Squad! Is designed as a team-building, supportive, continuously interactive, friend group. Each week Coach and exactly 19 kids (20 makes a perfect Zoom Gallery View) will work as one tightly-bonded, Zoom-Class friend-unit to conquer ten compelling daily challenges (listed below) in order to collaborate and win the traditional TKS wristband and candy and sticker prizes. Kids only earn these prizes AS A TEAM, and as the final activity of this compelling, group-building weekly class, Coach switches to phone Zoom and walks out to the mailbox and actually mails the 19 stamped prize envelopes. Kids love mail at the mailbox! In a year of uncertainty, we’d love for Strategy Squad! to be your child’s haven of socializing, intellectual stimulation, chess improvement, excitement, stability, and delight.


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  1. "Opening Monologue:" Daily wristband color and tactic presented for our kids' digestion.
  2. "Stump the Chump:" Chat Race Coach to solve puzzles. Kids win all 3? Candy all around!
  3. "Zany Movie:" Toast player gets to pick from our vast and exciting TKS "Zanies Library."
  4. "Toast Game:" 5 minutes. Analysis board afterward. If Coach loses, Candy all around!
  5. "Fritzy:" Fritzy is our hilarious, smack-talking pet chess engine. If the whole class takes control of Coach's cursor and beats Fritzy when he is set to "Reckless," then it's candy time!
  6. "Stretch Break:" Got fetch the "Treasure of the Day!" A spoon! Don't be the last one back!
  7. "The Cat in the Hat:" Kids don a hat, and our lightning-fast Simon-says derivative, "ChessMaster Says" is played for exactly one timed minute; any kid is still in a hat? Candy!
  8. "Jeopardy! Puzzlers:" Did 100% of our class just Zoom Poll correctly? Candy all around!
  9. "Tourney Fun Time:" Exciting countdown to the end! 35 minutes total, 7 minute games.
  10. "Awards Ceremony:" – Coach signs off each class while stuffing and sealing the stamped
    envelopes with all candy and all earned tactics wristbands and walking out to the mailbox."

Strategy Squad! is designed by veteran educators to generate a very comfortable, supportive haven for our kids as we all ride out this storm together.


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