7) The Knight School is a network! One cool benefit of The Knight School is that you may attend any location at any time for no additional charge. If your school is closed on a given day for a festival, inclement weather, legal holiday, or whatever, think about attending another location that week. Just contact Dr. Brooks so he can give the Coach a heads up!


6) The Knight School billing is simple! Billing is always automated, always simple, and always all-inclusive so there is never a charge after initial sign-up. The Knight School asks that you pay the semester tuition in advance, or you may opt to make equal payments over the months of the semester, which renews automatically in January unless we are otherwise instructed. These payments are not monthly tuition payments, however, they are equal installments that spread out the semester tuition plus the supply fee (for the chess board, t-shirt, bracelets, replacement chess pieces, and the semester-ending tournaparties).  As a result, the installment payment remains the same each month regardless of the number of weeks in any given month.


5) The Knight School follows the schedule of your school! If your school is not in session, chess does not occur as we have no key to your school!  If you attend after-school chess and your school dismisses early, there will be no after-school chess (we still don't have a key to your school).


4) The Knight School has a consistent discipline policy. All the kids are informed on day one that the first timeout they get for bad behavior, the time-out is about one minute long and is not a big deal. The second time-out is always twice as long as the first, and results in the child not receiving candy at the end of class. The third time-out results in the need to talk to the parents. Any child receiving three time-outs twice in one year will be asked to spend some time away from chess.


3) The Knight School has a fun Facebook page! One way we stay in touch is that the The Knight School emails our monthly update and newsletter, The Knightly News, once per month to every enrolled family. If you want to see the Knight School Community in interactive mode on a more regular basis, just go to our Facebook page, which has weekly updates and announcements, funny anecdotes from class, and great current pictures. Check out our Facebook page!


2) The Knight School has a revolutionary supply policy! The Knight School prides itself on world-class customer service and one element of this is that all enrolled kids get their own USCF chess set, pieces, board, and tote that is theirs to keep. Another benefit is the free replacement pieces for life policy; any child who is missing a chess piece just grabs what they need from the extra piece bag under the "Big TV" in the classroom. Actually, in The Knight School everything is replaced for free, even boards and bags and shirts. An important element of this policy is that you should not write your name on the chess bag or anywhere on it! As counter-intuitive as that sounds, it clogs our system and you do not need to write your name. If Everyone just brings a generic chess bag, then everyone can grab any bag when it is pack-up time and this saves us untold grief as kids cry because they have the wrong bag and this is going to disappoint mom. These bags are literally impossible to lose since your Coach will give you a new one if you ever lose yours. We do this because we have found over the years that no one steals chess bags, and no one throws them away. Literally all lost chess bags are eventually returned to the office and then to us, so we have an immediate replacement policy.


1) The Knight School has a dedicated Head Coach. Coach Brooks' only job is to make sure you and your child have a smooth and excellent experience in chess class. My cell phone is with me 24/7 and my number is 205-332-5233. Call me whenever you have a question or idea; I always enjoy talking with my chess moms and dads and I will be prompt in my attention to any concern you might have.


Happy playing!


David Brooks, B.A., B.A., M.Ed., M.A., Ph.D.,

Coach Brooks, Head Coach and Executive Director,

The Knight School

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